Woody Williams, last living World War II Medal of Honor recipient, dead at 98, June 29, 2022

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Woody Williams is dead June 29, 2022, the 180th day of the year.
Woody Williams = 180


Notice he was born October 2, or 10/2, like 102.
World War = 102
Art of War = 102

His death comes one day after the anniversary of World War I beginning.

And he is dead 95-days before his birthday, and the Jesuits translated Art of War.
Jesuits purpose to counter 95 Theses

Hershel Woodrow Williams = 119

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  1. CJ Cheifer on June 29, 2022 at 6:04 pm

    Whoa!!! This is very by the numbers! 6-29-2022 is a 5 day, and WWI (which was ignited a month before it started, when Franz Ferdinand was assassinated by a Serbian while visiting Bosnia Herzegovina on 6-28-1914… Yesterday was the 108th anniversary of his assassination). Austria and it’s empire retaliated exactly 1 month later on 7-28-1914. WWI, WWII, Vietnam, and what I call the Ezekiel 38 war were (and will be) 5 days.



    Him dying today is very telling. I had a dream several months ago, that something was going to happen war-ish on July 1st… with MRAP vehicles rolling down the street. If that’s this year (because my dream didn’t show a year), 7+1+2022=2030=5, it’s a 5 day, and it falls in line with Putin’s 10-7 birthday, Tesla’s 7-10 birthday/1-7 death day, Elon Musk’s 6-28-71 birthday (yesterday), as it has been 107 years since the beginning of WWI. Putin has until 7-28-2022, to keep his “Live” birth synced up with WWI. If you want to watch my decode from a few months ago, it’s pretty decent, and I date set 7-1-2022 as the most possible of several war dates: https://youtu.be/e748612iClY

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