World Leaders arrive in Paris, France June 5, 2024, ahead of 80th D-Day Anniversary

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#46, Joe Biden, delivers remarks on the ‘dark forces.’

Dark Forces=46/62/170 *Sacrifice=46/62/170

Today is 199 days after Joe Biden’s birthday (46th prime).

RFK died on this day in history as well. *RFK=46

Keep in mind Joe Biden is #46, but the 45th person to be US President. It goes with World War II ending in ’45.

And then there is the 34-piece with ‘D-Day.’
D-Day=34 *Biden=34 *Democrat=34

The 80th anniversary is noteworthy.
Bavarian Illuminati=80 *Satan=80 *Baphomet=80

Notice, Joe Biden arrived in France on June 5, the anniversary of RFK being shot, and he spoke in Paris on June 6, the anniversary of RFK dying, as well as the anniversary of D-Day. And of course D is the 4th letter, and the number 4 is associated with death.
Paris, France=56 (5/6 date)
Washington DC=56
Society of Jesus=56

Also noteworthy, on June 5, Netflix released an odd movie about a killer shark in Paris.

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