Yankees @ Mets on New York’s birthday, July 26, 2022

These teams last played 317-days ago (66th prime) *New York on 66 wins (11th tri. number) *NY, 11th state
Yankees are 66-31 (31, 11th prime) with 29 away wins 29 is 2+9=11 (Mets are on 29 home wins)

Today, New York celebrates the 234th anniversary of joining the United States of America.

Fittingly, the two New York baseball teams play each other for the first time this year on this day.
-It is a two game series, ending after tomorrow

The Yankees are 76-58 in the regular season vs. the Mets.
-They are 37-30 @ Mets

The Yankees are 80-59 vs. the Mets all-time including the postseason.
-They are 39-31 @ Mets (New York = 39 / 33)
-This game is being played on a 39 date numerology

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