102-year-old Holocaust survivor is Vogue Germany’s cover, June 17, 2024 news

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A 102-year-old Holocaust survivor?

Art of War.

World War.

Recall the D-Day 102 ritual. RIP, Robert Persichitti.

Read my post old post on 9/11 and 102 here.
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Read more about Pearl Harbor and 102 here.

And remember, Art of War is a very Jesuit text.


CNN has this as a top article on June 20, 2024, a date with 70 numerology. *Vogue=70 & 20

It all goes back to the Vatican.

And notice the Jesuit Order piece in ‘Vogue Germany,’ 153 & 54.

Of course, the Holocaust is very much related to Germany.

171, 18th triangular number *IHS=18 & 18 *Sun=18 & 54

Notice the 63 piece as well. *The Illuminati=63

This ritual began on June 17 on Vogue’s Instagram. It’s funny their subs are at 617k followers right now, similar to June 17, or 617, the 113th prime number. Of course, the Celtics won the NBA Finals for the (617) area code (Boston), in Jayson Tatum’s 113th Playoff Game, as he became 68-45 winning it all, on 6/17.
The National Basketball Association=113
Coronavirus Pandemic=113 (declared 11/3 with NBA lockdown)
Dallas=113 (Dallas scored 113 on March 11, 2020, the day of the Pandemic)
Donald John Trump=68
Coronavirus coined in ’68
-’68, the year RFK was killed
-Biden, the same birthday as RFK

Remeber, Tatum got 45th loss on Trump’s birthday. And Joe Biden’s SS name is ‘Celtic.’

Speaking of the SS, this woman on the Vogue Cover from the same date was in Auschwitz.

Read about this 113 ritual with a Holocaust Survivor in the past.

Read about Anne Frank and 113 here.

And notice the overlap with Margot Friedländer and ‘World War Three.’


  1. GregRamsey74 on June 20, 2024 at 5:44 pm

    CNN posted this 51-days after Hitler’s death anniversary, and a span of 51-days from the Illuminati’s birthday on 5/1.
    “State of Israel” = 51;”God’s People” = 51″Conspiracy” = 51;”Rome” = 51
    Today’s date comes 123-days before Benjamin Netanyahu’s birthday;”Conspiracy” = 123
    Today’s date was also 61-days after Hitler’s birthday anniversary.
    “Adolf Hitler” = 61;”Heil Hitler” = 61;”Nazi Germany” = 61;”Jesus” = 61;”Cross” = 61
    June 17 was 48-days after Hitler’s death anniversary;”Holocaust” = 48;”Illuminati” = 48
    June 17 was also 58-days after Hitler’s birthday anniversary;”Freemasonry” = 58
    June 17 came 76-days before the anniversary of the start of WWII;”Concentration Camp” = 76
    June 17 also came 77-days after the anniversary of the end of WWII;”Concentration Camps” = 77
    Today’s date was a span of 74-days from the anniversary of the start of WWII, or 74-days after it’s end.
    “Jewish” = 74;”Jesus” = 74;”Gematria” = 74 *Netanyahu is 74
    “One hundred two year-old” = 102
    Today’s date comes a span of 54-days from the start of Tisha B’Av, or 54-days before it’s end.
    “Survivor” = 54;”Germany Vogue” = 54;”Jesuit Order” = 54
    June 17 was 56-days before the start of Tisha B’Av;”Adolf Hitler” = 56;”Society of Jesus” = 56
    Today’s date came a span of 38-days Israel’s birthday;”Death” = 38;”Murder” = 38

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