20th YouTube Channel reaches 56k subs on the day leaving 79 days in the year

Big Tech Jesuit

Is the SOJ at Google playing games with my subscriber count? Per Google, I have reached 56K subs on my 20th channel, on the day leaving 79 days left in the year, after really starting to use this channel in late January of 2020.

And we all know who I’ve been exposing up and down for most of 2020.


  1. MAP on October 13, 2020 at 5:32 pm

    In essence you do the bidding of the Order when you point people away from the thing they tried to blow up on Nov 5th with the gunpowder plot.

    The King James Bible has justification to sav the soul from going to hell and then the lake of fire (which equates to 56) in Romans 3:24-26 by GRACE THROUGH FAITH and all other religions of the world try to work their way to Heaven, which cannot be done. Martin Luther with his 95 Theses protested against the mystery, babylon Vatican system because he saw that people were justified by GRACE THROUGH FAITH ALONE which was delivered to my brother, the Apostle Paul.

    This world is on a course with the “god of this world” and that is to set up the kingdom of his seed foretold in Genesis. The coming Antichrist who will be killed and resurrected by the working of Satan after he makes a peace deal with Israel and Palestine for the parting of the land as per the book of Joel. The final pope will be the false prophet that aids the antichrist’s one-world government, religion, and currency which is the MARK in the RIGHT HAND or FOREHEAD.

    Time is short.


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