2Pac & Bone’s song Thug Luv in light of his hologram appearance at Super Bowl 56, Rams vs. Bengals (from Cleveland to LA)

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Read about the 2Pac Hologram appearing at Super Bowl 56 here.

On the song Thug Luv from Bone’s The Art of War, 2Pac starts the song by saying “From Cleveland to LA,” in reference to Bone (Cleveland) to LA (where he was living at the end of his life). Of course, the Rams, who are hosting and playing in Super Bowl 56, were once in Cleveland, and are now in LA.

Read about O’Dell Beckham’s trade from Cleveland to LA on November 5, 2021, the day leaving 56-days in the year, the anniversary of 2Pac’s Makaveli album releasing in 1996.

VCU Rams beat George Mason Patriots 85-70 the night before Super Bowl 56
The NFL Rams are named after VCU and they are in their 85th season…

The song Bone song featuring 2Pac was released July 29, 1997…

Thug Luv is the 15th song on the album *Rams = 15

July 29, 1997 was 319-days after 2Pac’s death on September 13, 1996…

It was 266-days after the release of Makaveli on November 5, 1996.

And the album was released on International Tiger Day.

The meeting of the Rams and the Bengals, both teams featuring star players from the LSU Tigers, is coming in the start of the Year of the Tiger.

On top of that, Bone released a follow up album, World War III, on Joe Burrow’s birthday, December 10, 2013, on Joe Burrow’s 17th birthday, who now represents Ohio, the 17th state, in the Super Bowl, in the first ever NFL season to feature a 17 game regular season.


As for this all coming together in Super Bowl 56, to conclude the NFL’s 102nd season….

Father Amiot = 116 / 53 *Joe Burrow = 116 / 53

American Civl War began on 102nd day of year
FDR died on 102nd day of year at end of WWII
Wuhan, China = 102 (Where the war on germs began)
-Coronavirus = 56
-Covid Vaccine = 56
-Wuhan lab established in ’56

Father Amiot was a member of the Society of Jesus, or the Jesuit Order. Keep in mind Super Bowl 56 comes in the Bengals 54th season…

And if you put a ‘The’ in front of ‘Art of War’ it equates to 54.


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