Dwayne Haskins battling with Washington Redskins (Football Team) over $4.2 million

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4.2 million? And here I thought the Washington Redskins (Football Team) were trying to get over their racist history.

Racial Slur = 42

Nigger = 42

Jackie = 42

Slavery = 42

Tuskegee = 42

February = 42

Martin = 42

Malcolm X = 42

Muhammad Ali = 42

LeBron James = 42

Bus = 42

Link: https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/12/28/washington-dwayne-haskins-potentially-will-do-battle-over-more-than-4-2-million/

Notice how they did it. He got the start, then he got criticized for going to the strip club, then he lost to Ron Rivera’s former team, then Ron Rivera the puppet cut him and got applause.

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