50 Cent jokes that Jay-Z is hiding while Diddy is going through his legal issues, May 15, 2024

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Here’s the latest on Diddy (the Cassie beating video of May 17, 2024).

Keep in mind 50 Cent made these remarks on Mercuralia, the Roman festival, and a date associated with tricks…


Again, both Jay-Z and Diddy are 54 right now.

Read about Jay-Z & Diddy in relation to the death of Clarence Avant, who died in a 54 ritual.

When R. Kelly was sentenced to prison, he had the same prosecutor Diddy does, and they both went to Jesuit Georgetown, established by John Carroll, when he was 54.
Jesuit Order=54 *Georgetown=54

The Jesuit HQ, the Church of the Gesu, is at Building 54.

Watch the video on the Georgetown Prosecutor, Elizabeth Geddes:

The day of the 50 Cent jokes, May 15, 2024, was 163 days after Jay-Z’s birthday (38th prime).

38 is dangerous in the world of hip-hop (and in celebrity in general).

Also, the video of Sean Combs beating Cassies was released on May 17, 2024, 201 days before Jay-Z’s upcoming birthday.

Again, both Jay-Z and Diddy were born in ’69.

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