Mandy Gutierrez, Robb Elementary school principal suspended in Uvalde, Monday, July 25, 2022

Education Government Jesuit Mass Shooting News Psychological Operation

This news broke Monday, July 25, 2022, a date written 25/7.257, 55th primePrincipal = 55 And notice her name, Mandy Gutierrez, equating to 192.Mandy Gutierrez = 192Assault Weapons = 192 Recall, 19 children, 2 adults dead, 192-days after the Texas Governor’s birthday. Keep in mind this happened 62-days after the shooting, and on the 206th…

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The Symbolism of Tops, Uvalde and the French Open of Tennis. Skull and Bones and the Small Town Tragedy Celebrity.

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The most salient socio-political subject in the United States at the time of writing this post is gun control. Americans’ right to bear arms is under threat of severe restriction info outright elimination based on the shock of several high-profile mass shootings. The Tops supermarket mass shooting in Buffalo, New York was the primary event…

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Robb Elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas came exactly 64-days after active shooter training at Salvador Ramos’ high school

Jesuit Mass Shooting Murder by Numbers News Police State Predictive Programming Psychological Operation While the Uvalde CISD Police Department posted about the active shooter drill on March 22, or 3/22, the drill was the day prior, Monday, March 21, 2022, which was exactly 64-days before the reported shooting on May 24, 2022 (and May 24 was also 322-days after George W. Bush’s birthday). Again, the active shooter…

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NRA holds 2022 convention in Houston after Uvalde, similar to 1999, when they held a convention in Denver, after Columbine

Corporate Freemasonry History Jesuit Mass Shooting News Politics Psychological Operation Secret Societies Shooting

Just like in 1999, the NRA is holding its annual conference in the state of a mass shooting just days after its occurrence, and not by accident, but because of planned ritual. In 1999 it was Denver, and in 2022 it is Houston. Notice, ‘Houston’ equates to 112, like the 9-1-1 call was reportedly made…

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Uvalde’s “Día de los Niños” celebration met with tragedy 25-days later (and Kamala Harris calls for assault weapons ban on Saturday, May 28, 2022, 4-days later)

Federal Government Jesuit Legal Mass Shooting Murder by Numbers News Politics Psychological Operation Again, this town is along Route 117.Día de los Niños = 117Central Intelligence Agency = 117 The shooting happened 25-days after the April 29 event.Death = 25-April 29, 119th day of the year-Fraternal Order of Police = 119-The 19 2 episode about the school shooting debuted Jan. 19 (1/19)-They reported 19-children and 2-adults dead…

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Uvalde, Texas shooting of May 24, 2022 and its parallels to Sandy Hook & beyond

Catholic Church Freemasonry Gun Control History Jesuit Mass Shooting Murder by Numbers New World Order News Politics Secret Societies

Notice the MK Ultra tribute (Monarch Mind Control)Monarch Butterfly = 201Central Intelligence Agency: United States of America = 201-Central Intelligence Agency = 117-Monarch = 117-School along Route 117 Don’t overlook it is next to highway 83 as well.Murder = 83 (Area code is 830) The shooting came 192-days after Greg Abbott’s 64th birthday, Nov. 13,…

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Police reports of active shooter in Austin, Texas perfectly coordinated with D.C. born Mayor and federal agenda, September 30, 2022

Government Jesuit Mass Shooting News Police State

This news comes 191 days after the Mayor’s birthday, or on his 192nd day of his age, and you can recall 192 was big with Uvalde, Texas, whereas 191 is constantly present. *Active Shooter = 191 *Assault Weapons = 192 Today also has 61 date numerology.9/30/22 = 9+30+22 = 61Active Shooter = 61 You have…

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Joe Biden signs gun safety bill June 25, 2022, in tribute to September 13, 1994 assault weapons ban

Federal Freemasonry Government Gun Control Jesuit Mass Shooting New World Order News Politics

Notice, the signing of the bill comes on June 25, or 25/6, like 256. Recall, the ’94 Assault Weapons Ban was on September 13, the 256th day of that year.Second Amendment = 256Assault Weapons = 256 There were 193 dissenting votes, the 44th prime number.Shooting = 44 And don’t forget, Uvalde’s school shooting was…

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FDA & CDC to authorize Pfizer’s and Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccines for ages 6-months and older in huge ‘Number of the Beast’ tribute & on 830th day of the pandemic, June 18, 2022

Coronavirus Jesuit Pharmaceutical Tyranny Predictive Programming

Notice, the CDC is expected to approve the vaccine for 6-months and older on Saturday, June 18, 2022, the 830th day of the pandemic, just after the “shots” that took a lot of young children’s lives in Uvalde, Texas, the (830) area code. Keep in mind that date will have 66 numerology, fitting in with…

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3 dead, 17 injured in Chattanooga shooting near bar, Sunday, June 5, 2022

Federal Government Jesuit Mass Shooting News Politics Psychological Operation

317, 66th primeMass Shooting = 66 Chattanooga = 192Assault Weapons = 192 This is the second Chattanooga shooting since the “19 children, 2 adults” dead in Uvalde, Texas. And notice it comes the Mayor’s 64th day of his age, at the same time as the massive 64 shooting ritual in Philadelphia, where in Uvalde, we…

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