CNN’s photo of Trump under an umbrella on August 7, 2023 in light of Rihanna & The Umbrella Academy

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This headline comes August 7, 2023, on Rihanna’s 169th day of her age. Read this older post on Rihanna, The Umbrella Academy, her hit Umbrella, and 169 here. Her birthday is 20/2, like the D.C. area code, (202). It is 16 years since the song. It goes with the Jesuits in the 16th Century.Umbrella =…

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Big birthing rituals for Super Bowl 57, Eagles, Chiefs, and Rihanna, February 12, 2023

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Notice, they reported Jason Kelce’s wife was 38-weeks pregnant, before they lost in the Super Bowl, 38-35, in Jalen Hurts’ 38th game, where he had 38 passing attempts. Of course, Rihanna sang, and she referenced LeBron, who just had the 38 mega ritual on the 38th day of the year.Rihanna = 38Mother = 38–Birth =…

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How My Rihanna Super Bowl LVII Halftime Prediction was Determined, the Birth Theme and the Neptune Ritual of Tua and the Miami Dolphins

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June 26th, 2022 On September 25th, 2022 the National Football League announced the headline performer for the upcoming Super Bowl LVII to be played on February 12th, 20223. In a video on my Youtube channel THE TRUTH CODES I suggested that Rihanna would be the ideal Super Bowl half-time performer given that she represents the…

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NAGASAKI and the Trident of Neptune: Holy Diver, Rihanna and 911

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In previous posts I have given multiple examples of the trident symbol throughout history and in modern times, and it has invited extreme persecution. In modern times the current epicenter of global geopolitics is Ukraine a country that has a trident as a national symbol. Other examples I have given is the twin towers of…

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The Umbrella Academy’s release 169-days after Rihanna’s Umbrella, and its conclusion on her 20th birthday, February 20, 2008

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Notice the Umbrella Academy comics original series concluded February 20, 2008, on Rihanna’s 20th birthday, who is well known for her hit song, “Under my Umbrella.”Umbrella = 84-Rihanna declared a billionaire on August 4 (8/4) The Umbrella Academy debuted 169-days after her hit song Her birthday is 20/2. The last series of The Umbrella Academy…

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Rihanna shows off her pregnant belly on March 20, 2022, in the middle of Russia-Ukraine

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Rihanna posted Sunday, March 20, 2022, the 79th day of the year.Ukraine = 79 / 34-She is 34 Notice she is from Barbados, which has the blue and yellow flag with the trident, very similar to the Coat of Arms for Ukraine. Again, the ‘trident’ is associated with Poseidon.Poseidon = 43/ 38Rihanna = 65 /…

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