Jerry Lee Lewis dead at 87 on Bill Gates’s 67th birthday, October 28, 2022

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Today is Bill Gates birthday, and Jerry Lee Lewis is dead at 87. It goes with Tom Brady filing for divorce from Gisele on his 87th day of his age. And it goes with Bill Gates getting divorced from Melinda on August 2, 2021, 87 days before his birthday.Bill Gates = 87Number of the Beast…

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‘Seattle’ sweethearts Bill and Melinda Gates, together since ’87, divorce 87 days before Bill Gates’ birthday, August 2, 2021

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This news comes August 2, ending the relationship for the ‘Seattle’ couple.Seattle = 828/2 news Read about the death of Gonzoe in Seattle this weekend in light of 82. Better yet, they met in ’87, and today is 87 days before Bill Gates’ birthday. Read about Gates getting his vaccine on his 87th day of…

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Meta’s value plunges $700 billion on Mark Zuckerberg’s 167th day of his age, October 27, 2022, the day before Meta’s anniversary

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Meta’s stuck plunged on Mark Zuckeberg’s 167th day of his age.167, 39th primeMeta = 3939 Books in OT And notice today’s news comes on Bill Gates’s birthday, the other fraudulent face of another federal big tech operation. Of course, it was one year ago today that Zuckerberg did the Meta name change.

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Paul Pelosi attack blamed on 42-year-old David DePape, October 28, 2022, Bill Gates’s birthday, Tom Brady’s divorce day, and Jerry Lee Lewis’s death day

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Jerry Lee Lewis is dead at 87. Today is Tom Brady’s 87th day of his age. Today is Bill Gates’s birthday. Bill Gates = 87 He got divorced from Melinda 87 days before his birthday. And David DePape is the supposed attack of Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul.David DePape = 87 Number of the Beast =…

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Tom Brady and Gisele file for divorce on October 28, 2022, Bill Gates’s 67th birthday

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Tom Brady fell to 3-5 for the season and picked up his 35th career home loss as a starter.Tom Brady = 35Thursday = 35 The Bucs also fell to 3-5 at home all-time in Week 8. Thus, they couldn’t have scripted it any better. And of course, for years I have taught about Tom Brady…

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October 28, 2022, 246 days after the Russia-Ukraine war began (and Bill Gates’s 67th birthday)

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In two days, October 28, 2022, Bill Gates’s 67th birthday, it will mark 246 days since the war began, while the United States of America is 246 year old.Catholic Church = 246Joe Biden, the second Catholic PresidentBill Gates, married the woman from the family of Jesuit priests And it is a reminder that in his…

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California passes $54 billion climate package while Gavin Newsom is 54 years old in latest Jesuit Order ritual, August 31, 2022

Climate Change / Environment Government Jesuit

California passes a $54 billion climate bill FOR A STATE, while Gavin Newsom, the Jesuit, is 54 years old. It is a reminder that Bill Gates was 54 years old when he gave his speech Innovating to Zero, stating that nuclear energy was the future.Jesuit Order = 54 Read about Gavin Newsom’s 201 ritual with…

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Bill Gates says the polio scare in New York is a ‘threat to us all,’ August 8, 2022

Celebrity News Pharmaceutical Tyranny This CNN reporting comes a few days after Bill Gates addressed the nation about Polio. Notice Fortune published this story on August 9, the day leaving 144 days in the year.Jesuit Order = 144 And notice it is about what happened on August 4, or 8/4.Jesuit = 84 As for the emphasize phrase from…

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Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates & Michael Bloomberg backing California startup Kobold Metals as they seek a way to grow their wealth off climate change, August 8, 2022 headline news

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CNN has moved this to a top story on August 8, 2022.Energy = 88 (8/8 date)California = 88 And this is about backing the ‘California’ start up known as Kobold Metals.Kobold Metals = 129-129 is 201 in base-8

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