Indian bridge collapse kills at least 134, October 30, 2022

Murder by Numbers New World Order News

The 143-year-old bridge collapsed in Gujarat state.Gujarat State = 143Scottish Rite of Freemasonry = 143 (The Builders) And as for arresting nine people.Bridge = 4545, 9th triangular number And as for the 134 dead, I have pointed out that number relates to destruction many times.

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The Johnstown Flood of May 31, 1889, that was the fault of Henry Frick, the head of Carnegie Steel Company (in relation to Jan. 28, 2022 bridge collapse in Pittsburgh)

Federal Government History Jesuit Murder by Numbers New World Order News Predictive Programming Royal Family Sports War The deadly flood that was the fault of Henry Clay Frick came 163-days after his birthday.163, 38th primeDeath = 38Murder = 38Killing = 38RIP = 38*Red Cross = 38 It came 163-days after his 39th birthday.Johnstown = 39 Recall, the recent staged bridge collapse in Pittsburgh, January 28, 2022, was in ‘Frick’ Park,…

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Where Sean Penn’s “Polish border” story meets, William Penn, the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Biden bridge collapse, and King Charles soon to replace Queen Elizabeth, March 1, 2022

Entertainment History Jesuit Royal Family Sports

Sean Penn is front and center in news media, March 1, 2022, his 197th day of his age.Sean Justin Penn = 197197, 45th primeRitual = 45IHS = 45 / 18 / 18-He is 61-Jesus = 61-61, 18th prime-Sun = 18 Jesuit (Society of Jesus) logo is the sun with the letters IHS inside.-18 represents the…

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Daryl Luciani, the Pittsburgh bridge collapse bus driver of January 28, 2022

Catholic Church Freemasonry Jesuit News

USA Today’s story about the Pittsburgh bridge collapse bus driver emerged on Jan. 29.Daryl Luciani = 129-129 is 201 in base 8 counting–The Jesuit Order = 201–Order of Illuminati = 201–Lucifer, the light bringer (Luciani?)–Illuminati means illuminated (in the light)—Luciani = 48 / 69 / 120—Illuminati = 48 / 69 / 120Daryl Luciani = 78…

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The Oakland bound bus on the collapsed Pittsburgh bridge, January 28, 2022 & the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting of October 27, 2018

Federal Government Jesuit News Predictive Programming

If you look carefully, the word Oakland is on the bus. As discussed, this Pittsburgh ritual is clearly connected to the Bay Area, where the Bay Bridges, including the Golden Gate, were built with steel from Pittsburgh. Also, there is a Pittsburgh, California in the Bay Area. ALSO, Squirrel Hill is where the Tree…

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Two bridges collapse in Pittsburgh the day of Joe Biden’s plans to visit the city and tout his infrastructure bill, January 28, 2022

Federal Government Infrastructure Jesuit Mind Control News Predictive Programming

Read about Big Ben’s retirement on 1/27.-Pittsburgh Steelers Read about Stephen Breyer’s retirement on 1/27.-San Francisco origins (where Golden Gate Bridge was built with Pittsburgh steel) It is January 28, or 1/28, and it is a perfect day for a BRIDGE COLLAPSE.Bridge Collapse = 128 Keep in mind Joe Biden took office on January 20,…

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Crimea bridge blast delivers blow to Putin, October 8, 2022, one day after his birthday

Freemasonry Government Jesuit Military New World Order News Secret Societies War World War

This come October 8, 2022, a Saturday. Yesterday, October 7, Putin turned 70. October 8 is the day leaving 84 days in the year.Jesuit = 84The Jesuit Order = 84The Catholic Church = 84United States of America = 84-Diplomatic relations with Vatican since ’84*Masonry = 84 As for Masonry, Masons are historically builders. A bridge…

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Bridgewater College in Virginia has active shooter scare February 1, 2022, 74-days before Virginia Tech shooting anniversary

Catholic Church History Jesuit Mass Shooting Mind Control News

The school is in Bridgewater, Virginia…Bridgewater, Virginia = 201Tiger = 201 (First day of Chinese New Year)Mars = 201 (Tuesday) Bridgewater, Virginia = 201 / 312Jorge Mario Bergoglio = 201 / 312The Jesuit Order = 201Order of Illuminati = 201-Youngking born 12/9-129 is 201 in base 8 counting–February = 42–Jesuit = 42–Gun = 42 This…

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Elizabeth I’s death March 24, 1603, the 83rd day of the year, and the 419th anniversary in 2022 in light of Big Ben’s retirement

Entertainment News Royal Family Sports ​Elizabeth I died on the 83rd day of the year, the ‘murder’ number and the ‘football’ number, and the Big Ben retirement was one day before the Bridge Collapse that was 83-days before her birthday. ​And Operation London Bridge is what happens when she dies…Collapse = 83Football = 83Murder = 83-83, 23rd prime-King =…

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Joe Biden introduces new cat to the White House, Willow, just before Bengals advance to Super Bowl & Year of the Tiger, January 30, 2022 news

Astrology Federal Government Jesuit News Sports

A cat for Joe Biden? Just before the Year of the Tiger? The media broke this news the day the Bengals advanced to the Super Bowl, and recall, 2020 was the year of “Joe.”-Tiger King Joe-Joe Burrow, College Championship-Joe Montana (Super Bowl 54, the Montana Bowl)-Joe Rogan (record contract)Joe Biden, “winner” of 2020 election Read…

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