Chris Singleton was released by the Chicago Cubs after 146 games, the same man who lost his mother to ‘Dylann Roof,’ March 23, 2019

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Chris Singleton, the 19th round pick by the Cubs, gave up his MLB career in the Spring of 2019. And remember, he was in his 19th year of life when the Charleston Church shooting happened, and he was paid his settlement exactly 19-weeks from the anniversary of the shooting. Of course, 19 is a recurring…

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Are the CIA running an operation around Chris Singleton who lost his mother in the Charleston Church shooting without his awareness?

Federal Government Jesuit Mass Shooting Racism

Take a moment to watch this clip of Chris Singleton in Buffalo who was there to talk about racism and gun violence with local school students after the May 14, 2022 shooting at Tops. You’ll notice that they interview him in front of a wall with 1947 on it which is curious for multiple reasons.…

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Chris Singleton’s father’s funeral on February 13, 2017, in Mother Emanuel, where his mother was murdered 607-days earlier

History Mass Shooting Murder by Numbers News Racism Chris Singleton first returned to the Mother Emanuel church in Charleston on February 13, 2017, for his father’s funeral. Pay mind that is the 44th day of the year. And I was just confronted by Chris on Jefferson Ave., at the site of the Tops shooting in Buffalo, New York, where he tried to…

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Chris Singleton’s Charleston Church shooting tribute book, ‘Different: A Story About Loving Your Neighbor,’ June 10, 2020

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Notice that the title of the book, ‘Different: A Story About Loving Your Neighbor’ equates to 201, and it has a biblical theme.The Holy Bible = 201The Jesuit Order = 201–Jorge Mario Bergoglio = 201–Ignatius of Loyola = 201Order of Illuminati = 201 His mother was shot in ‘Mother Emanuel.’ And his shooter was obsessed…

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The White Supremacist “74” code, from Michael Slager, to Dylann Roof, to the Christchurch and Buffalo massacres

Freemasonry Jesuit Murder by Numbers News Racism Secret Societies From the Walter Scott killing to the Charleston Church shooting was 74-days later. The shooting was at Mother Emanuel on Calhoun St. One of the nine victims was reported to be age 74. And Roof was reportedly spotted on Highway 74, before being arrested, and taken to Burger King. And the biggest name of…

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Charleston Church shooting of June 17, 2015 came on the 193-year anniversary of Denmark Vesey’s slave rebellion

Black Lives Matter Government History Jesuit Mass Shooting News Psychological Operation Racism War The Charleston Church shooting of June 17, 2015 came on the 193-year anniversary of Denmark Vesey, a founder of Mother Emanuel church, attempted to launch a slave rebellion.193, 44th primeShooting = 44Mass Shooter = 44Execution = 44Gunfire = 44Officer = 44Overseer = 44*Kill = 44 As we know, Chris Singleton, who lost his mother…

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Charleston, South Carolina mass shooting on Memorial Day in clear tribute to the Civil War the Illuminati is trying to create, May 30, 2022

Federal Government History Jesuit Mass Shooting Psychological Operation War

On Memorial Day, May 30, 2022, a mass shooting in Charleston, where the American Civil War began? Of course Memorial Day was originally to remember the fallen from the U.S. Civil War. Notice the overlap with ‘Charleston’ and ‘Civil War.’ Recall all all the Civil War statues that came down after the death of George…

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