CDC says Wisconsin has greatest seroprevalence to coronavirus, with 56.1% of population having antibodies in time of pandemic, March 2022 news

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Per the CDC, as of March 2022, the most impacted state by coronavirus in the time of the pandemic is Wisconsin. Per the CDC, 56.1% of the state has seroprevalence.Coronavirus = 56 / 70Covid Vaccine = 56 / 70-56 is 70 in base 8 counting–Seroprevalence = 68–Coronavirus coined in ’68—Seroprevalence = 220—Coronavirus Pandemic = 220…

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Dan Brown’s 56th birthday, the year of the coronavirus pandemic, 2020

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Dan Brown, who wrote the Da Vinci Code series, turned 56 on June 22, 2020, the year of the coronavirus pandemic, in the year that came 56 years after Donald Trump’s Jesuit education began, in a year full of many “Jesuit-56 rituals.” Of course, Dan Brown’s series is about the Catholic Church and the Illuminati,…

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Gerrit Cole out with ‘coronavirus’ while Yankees are on 56 wins, August 3, 2021

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Notie the Yankees are on 56 wins when their ace, Gerrit Cole, goes out with coronavirusCoronavirus = 56Covid Vaccine = 56Anthony Fauci = 56 Remember when Fauci threw out the first pitch in Cole’s Yankees debut, for the shortened coronavirus season? *Johns Hopkins is in Baltimore

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BLM launches survival fund for coronavirus victims, February 25, 2021, the 56th day of the year

Black Lives Matter Coronavirus Jesuit News This Black Lives Matter ‘coronavirus’ relief fund begins on the 56th day of the year, February 25, 2021. Remember how George Floyd had Covid? Read about George Floyd and 225 in light of today being 2/25.

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England’s current population said to be 56 million during the time of coronavirus

Coronavirus Jesuit New World Order I just want to document that this is the case, in light of all the 56 rituals connected to coronavirus coming out of the U.K., as well as other parts of the world. As they say, the sun never sets on Britain. And don’t forget Boris has been 56 through much of the “pandemic.”

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