The 201 connections to Elvis in his life & death

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Read the original Elvis “201” posts here. Now notice, in Kalamazoo he has Suite 201 at Columbia Plaza. And there’s even a book called 201 Questions on the Life of Elvis Presley.The Jesuit Order = 201Order of Illuminati = 201Heliocentrism = 201 (He recorded for Sun Records)-Sun Records = 46-Sol Invictus = 46-Sol =…

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Elvis Presley’s Graceland going into default due to impacts of Covid-19 tourism (and the trail of 201)

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This story first broke January 20, 2021 (20/1). And notice the bankruptcy court paperwork for the matter from July 20, 2021, the 201st day of the year. It’s a reminder that Elvis’s girlfriend who was with him when he died had a name equating to 201.Ginger Aldin = 201The Jesuit Order = 201Order…

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Ginger Alden, Agent 201, the girlfriend who found Elvis dead on the toilet, August 16, 1977

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Ginger Alden is the girlfriend that found Elvis Presley dead on the toilet. Notice the 201. And notice she was born in ’56.The Jesuit Order = 201Society of Jesus = 56 From her birthday to Elvis date of death, was her 277th day of being 21-years-old.277, 59th primeElvis Presley = 59*Kill = 59 (Jewish) She…

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Lisa Marie Presley’s death in relation to the Golden Globes, Austin Butler, Elvis Presley & Tom Hanks

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Read about Lisa Marie’s hospitalization after Austin Butler best actor for portraying Elvis, her father, at the Golden Globes, January 10, 2023. That was a date with 54 numerology.1/10/2023 = 1+10+20+23 = 54Golden Globes = 54 / 54Jesuit Order = 54 / 54Sun = 54 Elvis recorded with Sun Records. And now Lisa Marie is…

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The thing about the Elvis movie coming out the same day Roe v. Wade was overturned, June 24, 2022, Freemasonry’s birthday

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On the day of Roe v. Wade being overturned, the Elvis Presley movie released. This is interesting because Elvis was accused by many of doing the devil’s work in terms of getting their young daughters into promiscuity and very non-Christian behavior. For an easy example, all I have to do is look at my mom’s…

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ELVIS (film) to release June 24, 2022, 167-days after what would have been Elvis Presley’s 87th birthday (and the trailer on February 17)

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And notice the trailer released on Michael Jordan’s 59th birthday.Elvis Presley = 59Michael Jordan = 59Slave = 59Negro = 59Rasta = 59Blues = 59-They said Elvis made “Black Music” These are two of the biggest stars of the 20th Century, and they’re both Jesuit owned and operated, thus the 17/2 ritual.Ad maiorem Dei gloriam =…

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Elvis’ last concert, June 26, 1977 in Indianapolis, 51-days before his death at 42

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Elvis last concert was in ‘Indianapolis’ on June 26, 1977, 51 days before his reported death on August 16.June 26 is the 177th day of the yearIndianapolis is 201 town-The Jesuit Order = 177 / 201-Indianapolis = 201June 26 leaves 188 days in the year-Market Square Arena = 188-Bavarian Illuminati = 188-Illuminati founded by Jesuit…

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Sesame Street began advocating for vaccines in 1972 (and the Ted Cruz + Elvis controversy)

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Sesame St. = 115Measles = 115 (1972 Sesame Street focus)-Ages 11-5-Covid-19 children’s vaccine approved in 11AM-5PM meeting by CDC-Vaccines ready by “end of week,” which was 11/5 (Nov. 5)–Vote was Nov. 2, Fauci’s anniversary of becoming head of NIH in 1984 (infamous year) Watch CNN’s story here. You’ll notice it begins with the CNN anchor…

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Bill & Melinda Gates foundation funded new tech to store medical records beneath the surface of the human skin, December 18, 2019 news

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You’ll notice, this research was funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. MIT? You know how much Mr. ‘Computer’, Bill Gates loves 42: Read about the 42 ritual with the polio vaccine, Elvis and Jonas Salk, on Bill Gates first birthday: Remember, Bill Gates former company Microsoft is working on ID2020,…

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Elvis’s vaccine shot, precisely 42-weeks after his birthday, in relation to Jonas Salk, Bill Gates & Tom Hanks

Celebrity Coronavirus History Science From Elvis’ 21st birthday to his vaccination shot, October 28, 1956, was exactly 42-weeks on the nose.  Thus, it was a perfect ritual for a ‘vaccine’ designed by Jonas Salk, who turned 42-years-old the same day. October 28, 1956 was Jonas Salk’s 42nd birthday. Read about how this shot was given on Bill…

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