Judge Maya Guerra Gamble, born November 2, 2022, fitting in with the ongoing Sandy Hook 112 theme

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Notice, Maya Guerra Gamble, the judge in Alex Jones Sandy Hook related case, has a November 2 birthday, or 11/2, a lot like 112. Again, Alex Jones birthday is February 11, or 11/2, also like 112. And the parents suing him have names equating to 112 as well. Recall, 112 is the the Sandy Hook…

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Marvin Scandrick, Slim of 112, and his opening line on Peaches & Cream (the Sandy Hook coincidence)

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Marvin Scandrick, better known as Slim of 112, has the opening line of his group’s hit song, Peaches and Cream. He says, “It’s the S, the L, the I, the M” for Slim. Well, recall the SLIM Adam Lanza, who shot up Sandy Hook in the ongoing 112 ritual. The media reported over and over…

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Peter Manfredonia, nephew of Chris Manfredonia, who was arrested the day of Sandy Hook shooting, starts manhunt 112 days after his birthday, May 24, 2020

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https://dailyvoice.com/new-jersey/southpassaic/police-fire/update-fugitive-23-in-killings-kidnapping-reportedly-compared-himself-to-sandy-hook-shooter/788461/ https://www.cnn.com/2020/05/26/us/uconn-student-manhunt-killing-home-invasion-family-plea/index.html Peter Manfredonia’s uncle, Chris Manfredonia, is the man who was shown handcuffed on television after the Sandy Hook school shooting of December 14, 2012.  That image is below. https://www.latimes.com/world/la-xpm-2012-dec-14-la-na-1215-newtown-school-shooting-20121215-story.html Peter Manfredonia’s birthday is February 2, the 33rd day of the year. That means the manhunt, which began Sunday, May 24, 2020, was 112-days…

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Alex Jones ordered to pay Robbie Parker (laughing Sandy Hook parent) $120 million dollars, October 12, 2022

Financial Jesuit Legal Mass Shooting News Psychological Operation

Robbie Parker = 120Illuminati = 120 Watch the $120 million ruling here. And notice the jury deliberated for 15 hours.120, 15th tri. numberIlluminati founded 1/5 (First of May) And don’t forget the ruling was October 12, or 10/12.Sandy Hook = 112

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Alex Jones made to pay nearly $1 billion in damages to Sandy Hook families, October 12, 2022, in clear Jesuit-CIA ritual

Celebrity Federal Financial Government Jesuit Legal Mass Shooting News Psychological Operation

This decision came October 12, 2022, or 10/12. As you know, 112 is the Sandy Hook number.Sandy Hook = 112 And let us not forget Alex Jones birthday is February 11, or 11/2. That means this decision came 243 days after his birthday.Central Intelligence Agency = 243-Remember, the Jesuits run the CIA-Remember, the Jesuits operate…

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Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis are the Sandy Hook parents suing Alex Jones for $150m

Celebrity Federal Government Jesuit Legal Mass Shooting News Psychological Operation

Notice the names of the parents who delivered the Tuesday testimony against Alex Jones pertaining to the Sandy Hook shooting on December 14, 2012. Keep in mind this news comes on the day leaving 150-days in the year.Illuminati = 150Maya Guerra Gamble = 150 (Name of Judge) Their names equating with 112 goes with Alex…

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Alex Jones is an Illuminati agent | Sandy Hook parents asks jury to return $150 million verdict in defamation suit against Jones, July 26, 2022

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This happened July 26, 2022, the big day for New York, next to Newtown, Connecticut. And with regards to the $150 million, this news came a span of 201-days from Alex Jones upcoming February 11, birthday. We saw a similar ritual in Uvalde with Matthew McConaughey, with the shooting coming 201-days after his birthday, and…

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Sandy Hook, TOPS Buffalo Shooting and The Hunger Games

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In a previous post and video I showed how one of the attorneys for the Sandy Hook Parents who sued Remington Arms, made the direct link between the Sandy Hook shooting and the Buffalo, New York Tops Supermarket shooting. I always gave the timeline that illustrates how Sandy Hook directly lead to Tops Buffalo, NY…

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Uvalde, Texas shooting of May 24, 2022 and its parallels to Sandy Hook & beyond

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Notice the MK Ultra tribute (Monarch Mind Control)Monarch Butterfly = 201Central Intelligence Agency: United States of America = 201-Central Intelligence Agency = 117-Monarch = 117-School along Route 117 Don’t overlook it is next to highway 83 as well.Murder = 83 (Area code is 830) The shooting came 192-days after Greg Abbott’s 64th birthday, Nov. 13,…

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Alex Jones offers $120k to 13 Sandy Hook families March 29, 2022 which is rejected March 30

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The Illuminati ritual in this clear. Notice the 188 encoded in ‘desperate attempt.’ And notice the $120,000 was for “13 families.” The Illuminati was established with 13 families. 13x$120,000=$1,560,000 Keep in mind Alex Jones just turned 48-years-old.Illuminati = 48 / 120 This story came 105-days after the Sandy Hook anniversary. Recall, the November 15, 2021…

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