Aaron Sorkin wins best screenplay at 78th Golden Globes for The Trial of the Chicago 7, in obvious bait for psychologically charged world

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This movie, involving history from 1968, and a narrative about the killing of Fred Hampton, released on October 16, 2020, the day leaving 76 days in the year, and it won the award for best screenplay on February 28, 2021, the 59th day of the year. And we know how 59 and 76 relate.

Negro = 59/76; Slave = 59/76; Rasta = 59/76; Blues = 59/76
A Promised Land = 59/76 *Barack Obama = 76 *Renegade = 59

Of course Chicago is the land of Barack Obama, who’s Secret Service name was Renegade. And more recently, he released his new book, A Promised Land, November 17, 2020 the day leaving 44 days in the year, reminding us of him being number 44, and Acts 7:6.

Keep in mind October 16th is the day of the Million Man March in 1995.

And don’t overlook that the winner of the award is age 59 at this time.

Also keep in mind this was the 78th Golden Globe Awards, on a Sunday.

As for Aaron Sorkin, notice how his name fits in with Jesuit Order, equating to 54 and 72.

From the film’s release to the award was 135 days later. That matters because Aaron Sorkin also equates to 135.

Remember, that’s a big number with the CIA, and this is a movie for the times, capturing the current atmosphere of protesters and police brutality and how the mainstream media (which is controlled by the CIA) is actively trying to keep people to attach to these stories emotionally.

Read about the Jesuits and the CIA.

And as for the award for ‘Best Screenplay’, notice how it fits in.

As for one of the main characters, Jerry Rubin, he died in quite the ritual, at age the of 56.

Ninety-four = 147 *Conspiracy = 147 (Born 14/7, France’s Bastille Day)


The award was won on the 59th day of the year.

Pope Francis = 59 *This film just before the 59th U.S. Presidential Election

Notice he died at age 56, and 137 days after his birthday.

Society of Jesus = 56
137, 33rd prime

And notice he died November 28, the day leaving 33 days in the year.

In the beginning of the film, the lead prosecutor chosen by the federal government is a 33-year-old, a stat the movie makes clear.

And keep in mind he died on a date with 133 numerology, similar to how his main man in the film, Abbie Hoffman, died 133 days after his birthday.

11/28/94 = 11+28+94 = 133

The film is 129 minutes *Youth International Party = 129


And in light of him dying at 52, notice how that connects to ‘government’.

D.C.=47 *Government=47/52 *Authority = 47/52 *Judge=47 *Gavel=47
Washington D.C.=137; Government=137; Authority=137

I wonder if they went into FBI protection.

And for one last point, this award comes on a date with 71 numerology. Notice how that fits in with the ‘Catholic’ theme, as well as ‘Chicago’.

2/28/2021 = 2+28+20+21 = 71

The Catholic theme also fits in with the name of the film.

193, 44th prime
Think of Obama’s birthday on August 4, or 8/4. Jesuit = 84.

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