Actor and comedian Jerry Stiller dead at 92, May 11, 2020, 163-days after Ben Stiller’s birthday & 6-days after Seinfeld’s 23 Hours to Kill

Celebrity Jewish Related Murder by Numbers

This man grew up in the Synagogue of Satan’s neighborhood, Brooklyn, New York, now he is dead at 92.

This news comes 6-days after Jerry Seinfeld’s new comedy special. Of course, Jerry Stiller was a star on Seinfeld.

May 5, or 5/5 *Satan = 55

Notice how 23 Hours to Kill, Seinfeld, and Gerald Stiller all sum to 142.

How nice of Ben to confirm his father’s death at 1:15 AM on May 11, or 11/5, or 5/11.  Remember, 115 is connected to ‘killing’ and 511 is connected to ‘Saturn’.  This is the day in history Bob Marley was taken out by the numbers, as well as many others.

Gerald Stiller = 142 *Seinfeld = 142

Brooklyn, New York, one of the most Jewish neighborhoods in the world, is home of the Jewish run Etsy, who banned my ‘Gematria’ book on the 74th day of the year, March 15, 2019.

Notice how ‘Seinfeld’ and ‘Jewish’ sum to 74.

Saturn is the keeper of time, connected to death and judgement.

Below you’ll notice he died 5-months and 11-days after Ben Stiller’s birthday.

His mention of 62-years is also suspicious.

He starred in King of Queens.

Another word that fits into the 1:15 or 11/5, or 115 riddle is ‘Serenity’.  He is credited with helping write the ‘Serenity Now’ episode of Seinfeld.

For one more point, he died 28-days before his June 8 birthday, connecting to the word ‘kill’.

The death comes 163-days after Ben Stiller’s 54th birthday.  *163, 38th prime

Ben Stiller said he died of ‘natural causes’.

*Natural Causes = 88 *Jewish = 88 *Poison = 88 *Arsenic Poisoning = 88

Read more about 38 and death here:

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