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In a 7 1/2 minute long video clip of the video of an interview that he did ahead of the 2020 Super Bowl on the Ronnie and T-Kras radio/podcast show.

In an amazingly candid interview ahead of the 2021 Super Bowl ( LV ) former Tampa Bay Buccaneers Safety Dwight Smith stated unequivocally that NFL games are rigged, and that they are more entertainment than actual competition.

This is not coming from someone who is belittling other players’ accomplishments; Dwight Smith – as part of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers – won Super Bowl XXXVII in 2003. In it he set a Super Bowl record with two interceptions returned for touchdowns.

But in an unprecedented display of honesty and humility, he is unequivocal in stressing that he did not deserve praise for those accomplishments since he, the rest of the Buccaneers and their opponents the Oakland Raiders knew what plays would be run, and the outcome of the game beforehand.

These are some of his quotes from the interview:

“I don’t believe the game is really decided on the field.” – Dwight Smith

“I played in the game, I set a Super Bowl record and we knew every play they (were) running before the game even started.” – Dwight Smith

“It ain’t about who has the best players. The Bucs (Tampa Bay Buccaneers who were in the Super Bowl – at the time of the interview – as NFC champions) are not the best NFC team.” – Dwight Smith

INTERVIEWER: “So, do you think that the Bucs original Super Bowl that you were a part of and won was illegitimate?”

Dwight Smith: “I think every one is.”

He also said that the NFL forces some players out of the league, and gave the examples of the Detroit Lions Running Back Barry Sanders and Lions Wide Receiver Calvin Johnson. He even stated that the NFL made them give back some of their contract money. So, according to Dwight Smith: the NFL (this is probably the case all professional sports leagues) decides when players will retire, even if they are still on top of their game.

The White Karen vs The Black Male Phenomenon.

In recent years the American (an by extension, the world) media has – on a consistent basis – been publicizing and reporting on viral videos of mostly Caucasian Females harassing black people – mostly males but sometimes females, who are minding their own business and not committing any crimes.

The most publicized episode happened in New York City in 2020 the same day that George Floyd was choked to death in Minneapolis: May 25th.

It featured a white woman named Amy Cooper who called the police a black man named Christian Cooper. Their names were both “Cooper.” As relatively minor an incident as this was it went viral and became headline news and a talking-point across all mainstream media platforms for weeks.

The woman was choking her own dog while being filmed, which was suggestive of a ritual of some kind. This very scenario was reenacted later that year in Los Angeles, California around October 10th or 11th when a young white woman not only verbally and physically harassed a black male, but took the New York City ritual a step further by actually throwing the dog at the black man filming.

I suspect that a major part of the ritual has to do with the dog symbolism which can represent the star Sirius. Sirius is associated with Ancient Kemetian/Egyptian goddess Isis. So Sirius is actually considered a female dog which is known – officially, not insultingly as a bitch. When this word is used towards a human female it is an obvious insult, but throughout the video the young man filming it says “bitch” several times. This is very likely part of a ritual.

It also just so happens that the dog that was thrown was in fact a female.

Gematria veterans know that the number 42 is sometimes used covertly on black people, but 42 is also a female code: words like LADY, FEMALE, DAUGHTER, FEMININE, FEMME sum to 42, but so does “BITCH.”

I suspect that these rituals have to do with 42 being a code which can have a negative connotation for black people and women.

This brings me to this particular viral 2021 incident of a California white “Karen” who was reportedly harassing a black mailman named Devan Jones who was taking a lunch break.

On occasion, as with Dwight Smith of the Super Bowl winning Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the actors will reveal that all the world is indeed a stage, vindicating so-called conspiracy theorists.

This minute and a half video reveals the hoax.

The probability that this is the only hoax is slim except to the hopelessly naive.

The media rarely admits the truth but this admission alone gives credibility to the notion that many events in the news are not organic, and designed for divide-and-conquer and mind manipulation purposes, as well for esoteric ritual.

With this rare truth telling from the mainstream media, let us take a look at the Los Angeles incident in which the white woman threw the dog at the black man.

The story has a feel-good ending like most drama and entertainment with the man who had the dog thrown at him eventually adopting the dog, and naming her “MOVIE.”

What is the message in naming her “Movie”? All the world is a stage, but there is no happy ending with the negative psychological and socio-political consequences on the broader public.

It has to be said, also that the dog genuinely was harmed in the video.

Embedding was not possible but you can find this video of the incident on Youtube


  1. redsam96 on January 13, 2022 at 5:00 am

    Gonna share this one with some people, thank you Rambo! I am a little curious if you could help me understand something though… I’m pretty sure I’ve asked something similar before, but mainly i’m just perplexed at how much the ruling occultists will venerate and tear down a deity at the same time so often. I personally don’t believe any of these gods truly exist other than in the zeitgeist of humanity, but I just wonder sometimes what they could possibly have to gain by going even further beyond just the division aspect and staged aspect; like the decades and decades of planning just to make sure a ritual is perfect… I don’t know. Maybe they’re just manipulating people with what’s always worked: fear, violence, and archetypes. I kinda went on a tangent there lol but I’d be interested to hear your thoughts if you know where i’m coming from

  2. AnthonyCDavison on January 13, 2022 at 12:00 pm

    I only heard this term “Karen” or “A Karen” in the last few months or so and had to look up what it meant – this presentation made me want to look up its origins, as these viral terms are usually, if not always put into the public consciousness by design and by the code: states it originated on Redddit in 2017,to%20make%20fun%20of%20women%20acting%20aggressively%20petty.

    Wiki concurs, and while giving some other possible origins, helpfully gives the name of the earliest “Karen” meme creator “Karmacop9”

    Wiki also tells that The Guardian dubbed 2020 the “Year of Karen” which is funny, because 2020 was really the “Year of 56” and would you believe it
    “Year of Karen”=56…
    Twenty Twenty=56
    COVID Vaccine=56
    Rebranded Flu=56 etc etc etc


    Karen=49/22/32: Perfect for (2)0(2)0 (And 2022) and also
    Sirius=32/49 rituals
    NB Dog=17, memes originated in 20*17*

    “A Karen”=137 (Jewish) and 167 (English Extended)
    137 is the 33rd prime; 167 is the 39th

    The original “Karen Meme” reportedly came from
    Karmacop9=33 (Not including the 9) synching with the above
    Karmacop9=42 (with the 9 included) going with all the 42s associated with the feminine you’ve documented.
    Amy Cooper=42
    (C)hristian (C)ooper with the signature “CC=33”
    New York=111/33
    Amy Cooper=111

    “Great” contrived names and characters..

  3. TruthUK on January 14, 2022 at 6:59 am

    Holy shit…go on Dwight!!!I love that,what a legend…very brave of him that was

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