Amazon said nearly 20,000 workers got coronavirus, October 1, 2020, 263 days after Beezos’ 56th birthday

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This news comes October 1, or 10/1, like 101.

101, 26th prime *Virus = 26

This news comes 263 days after Jeff Beezos’ 56th birthday. Of course, 263 is the 56th prime number.

Catholicism = 112 *Jesuits operate in 112 countries

Read about the 56th Mayor of Seattle, Jenny Durkan and her ‘Summer of Love:

Read about Gavin Newsom and his “56%” remark:

And don’t forget Amazon’s 70 connection.

Notice how ‘twenty thousand’ fits in…

From Beezos’ birthday to September 19 was 251 days later.

251, 54th prime

Then notice the mention of 42%, Jesuit = 42

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