Amir Locke, the black man killed by Minneapolis police in no-knock raid, February 4, 2022 news

Black Lives Matter Federal Government Jesuit Murder by Numbers New World Order News Police State Psychological Operation Racism
Good Kid = 65 / 38 *George Floyd = 65 (Corner of 38th Street)
*Minnesota = 38 *Death = 38 *Murder = 38 *Killing = 38 *RIP = 38
Flabbergasted = 102 *George Perry Floyd = 102 *Police = 102

A 22-year-old killed on 2/2?

And now on 4/2, February 4, they release his name, ‘Amir Locke,’ equating to 42?

February = 42
Slavery = 42
Tuskegee = 42
-Today is Rosa Park’s birthday, born in Tuskegee…
-She died in Detroit, on the 42nd Parallel…

And no-knock, busted down the lock? Notice how ‘Amir Locke’ fits in with ‘body camera’ since that is what the footage is captured on.

42 / 57 / 87

Read more about this ritual here and how it is synced with Keith Ellison, the AG of Minnesota.

Watch my call to Keith Ellison’s office:

And don’t overlook the whole 6:48 and 8:46 (George Floyd) mirrored reversal for “Amir.”

And notice how they make “legal” gun ownership an issue…

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