Anthony Davis Executes Stephon Curry: The Sacrifice Ritual in Sports

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I don’t know if this is some form of predictive programming, ritual or allegory; but Los Angeles Lakers Power Forward /Center Anthony Davis — as reported today May 6th — played Grand Theft Auto Role Play video game on Twitch, and in the game his character, a gang member, executes a rival gang member who wearing a Stephon Curry jersey.

The imagery of an active NBA player shooting another active NBA player in the back of the head is unignorable. Under normal circumstances such an image would be deemed as detrimental to a professional league; but we do not live under normal circumstances, and the NBA and media are actually promoting the image.

They screenshot when a specific “New Follower” notification was on the screen. The “New Follower’s” name is ISAACDAGOAT03.”

Two major themes are evident from the screenshot that MSN News chose to use:

  1. There has been a “GOAT” theme in sports world wide since late 2020 when football/soccer G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time) Diego Maradona passed away. The name “dagoat” hits on this ongoing theme.

2. There is the theme of sacrifice. The goat – across multiple traditions – has been an object of ritual sacrifice. The name Isaac is a reference to the Biblical character in Genesis whom God ordered his father Abraham to sacrifice.

MSN assures us: “Really, really don’t read too far into this one other than it’s absolutely hilarious.” but history has suggested that we should explore its implications.

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