ANTIFA vandalizes Portland, Oregon’s Sandy Blvd. in response to Roe v. Wade overturning, February 25, 2022, on George Orwell’s birthday

Controlled Opposition Federal Government History Jesuit Legal News Politics Predictive Programming Staged Media / Controlled Opposition War
Portland Oregon = 174 / 69 *Supreme Court = 174 / 69
Number of the Beast = 666 (Decision on 6/24/2022 or 6/6/6)

Damage on SANDY? Sandy is a word that has ’72’ gematria. Recall, Roe v. Wade was oveturned on a 72 date numerology, June 24, 2022, and the overturning was led by 72 year old Samuel Alito. Of course, the original decision for Roe v. Wade was 7-2.
Sandy = 72
Jesuit Order = 72

And notice this started in Grant Park, named after Ulysses S. Grant, the Civl War General and 18th President. The gematria tells the story.
Grant Park = 43 / 56
Civil War = 43 / 56
-Society of Jesus = 56
-Washington D.C. = 56
-IHS = 18 / 18

As we know, they’re trying to ignite a Civil War in America, keeping the people fighting amongst themselves, while the tyrants and instigators increase their power over all of us.

Grant died 87-days after his birthday. *Justice = 87

Also, this happened on George Orwell’s birthday, the man who often wrote about the backwards world.
George Orwell = 56

And here we have ANTIFA, a group of fascists, who claim to be anti-fascist.

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