Antony Blinken visits Ukraine on Israel’s 76th birthday, May 14, 2024

Banking Federal Financial Government History Jewish Related Military Secret Societies War World War
Get Out of Gaza=54 & 144 *Jesuit Order=54 & 144

This news comes on a Tuesday, named after Mars, the God of War.

Keep in mind that we just paid $95 billion to Ukraine and Israel. *Tuesday=95

Not by chance, today is 28 days after Blinken’s birthday. *Israel=28

It is also Israel’s 76th anniversary of existence today, reminding me of the US, the Illuminati & 1776.

It is a reminder that Kissinger and others have predicted

Today is 215 days after Blinken met with Netanyahu on October 12, 2023, and Philadelphia is the (215) area code. Of course, Philadelphia gets the letter about the Synagogue of Satan.
The Synagogue of Satan=223 *Philadelphia=223
Six Hundred Sixty Six=95

It was 223 that allowed us to predict the war in 2023.

Read about how perfectly synced the war in Isreal was with Antony Blinken, US Secretary of State.

*Also, today is the 811th day of the war in Ukraine (the 141st prime).

There’s a slight connection with Henry Kissinger and his birthday being on Pedestrian Day.
Pedestrian Day=141

Today is 167 days after Kissinger’s November 29, 2023 death. *United States=167 (39th prime)
-39 books in the Old Testament *War=39 (World War II in 1939)

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