Baylor upset by Oklahoma in Big 12 basketball championship, falling to 26-6, 83-days after Pope Francis’ birthday

Catholic Church Jesuit Sports
Jesuit Order = 72 (Pope Francis became first Jesuit Pope on 72nd day of 2013, March 13)

Baylor University, the defending NCAA basketball champions, fall to 26-6, 83-days after Pope Francis birthday, the 266th Pope, just before the 83rd March Madness tournament, and after a year of Baylor football upsets over Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, including winning the Big 12 Football Championship over Oklahoma State on December 4, 2021.
Iesus Hominum Salvator = 266 / 85
-Pope Francis in D.C. on 266th day of 2015
Read about 266-85 ritual in Daytona 500
-Basketball = 85
-First March Madness in ’85
-Pope Francis is 85-years-old
83rd March Madness upcoming
Football = 83

This game was a span of 118-days from the November 13, 2021 football game.
March Madness = 118

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