Bill and Melinda Gates use their daughter as a coronavirus vaccine prop, February 12, 2021, by the Jesuit Order numbers (The very Satanic connection)

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Get that, Bill Gates supposedly got the vaccine on Friday January 22, or 1/22, and his daughter supposedly got it on Friday, February 12, or 12/2, like 122. Of course Seattle is on the 122nd Meridian West.

Read about Bill Gates January 22, 2021 vaccine by the numbers here.

Keep in mind this ritual came 107 days after his Gates’ 65th birthday.

Building on the Seattle connection, and keeping in mind that Bill Gates declared his Decade of Vaccines out of Davos, Switzerland on January 29, 2010, notice how the date February 12, or 2/12 fits in (like 212).

2/12… 212…

And for more evidence of who runs the show, notice how Jennifer K. Gates equates to 144, the same as ‘Jesuit Order’.

Jennifer K. Gates = 63 *Jesuit Order = 54/63 *John Carroll = 54/63
*Friday = 63

Adding to the Jesuit connection, from the Jesuit’s birthday, which is also Melinda Gates’ birthday, to the vaccine, was 181 days later, the 42nd prime.

181, 42nd prime number

And notice how ‘daughter’ fits in.

The news also breaks February 14, 2021, exactly 42 weeks after Jennifer’s brithday.

And don’t forget Washington is the 42nd state, or the connection between ‘forty-two’ and ‘coronavirus’, both equating to 142, like the date, 14/2.

14/2… 142… the NBA season suspended on his 142nd day, then resuming 142 days later, kind of like how NASCAR returned from coronavirus on the 142nd day of the year, along with 142 other coronavirus rituals… literally.

Posted at the 44th minute of the day. *Seattle = 44

She even got the vaccine on her 293rd day of her age.

And all the news of this was saved for today, February 14, Valentine’s Day, exactly 42 weeks after her birthday.

And for people who don’t grasp gematria, have a listen to this song. It explains all about Bill Gates’ face.

Can you dig it?
Smiling Faces = 54 / 72 *Jesuit Order = 54 / 72

For one last point, Gates was born in ’55, the year the polio vaccine was stopped because it was KILLING people, and this vaccine was given to his daughter on a date with 55 numerology, as well as 35.

And again, it was given on 12/2, like 122…

And notice the Church of Satan was established in 122 land, on the 122nd Meridian West, San Francisco, another Jesuit stronghold, like Seattle.

And notice how Church of Satan sums to 56 and 70, the same as ‘coronavirus’ and ‘Covid vaccine’.

Smiling faces…

Keep in mind both Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci are Jesuit scum, and business partners.

And with regards to another satanic scumbag, let us not forget when Sanjay Gupta got his coronavirus vaccine 56 days after his birthday, on the 70 date numerology, December 18, 2020. Read about 56 year old Kamala Harris receiving the vaccine 70 days after her birthday.

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