Bobby Crimo thought about attacking Madison, Wisconsin on July 4, 2022 instead of Highland Park, Illinois

Jesuit Jewish Related Mass Shooting News Psychological Operation

Notice, they’re reporting today, July 6, 2022, that Robert Crimo III thought about a shooting in Wisconsin. Of course, the day of the shooting in Highland Park, there was a shooting in Waukesha, Wisconsin, where the Christmas Parade tragedy happened 225-days earlier span of 226).
Skull and Bones = 76 / 41
Today is 7/6
Awake = 41 (Crimo’s rap name)
-Shooting 41-weeks after Crimo’s Sep. 20 birthday

Of course, Madison, Wisconsin goes with 7/4.

And ‘Wisconsin’ goes with shooting.

Keep in mind the father of the US Constitution is James Madison.
James Madison = 201

The police said he had 60 rounds in his car, while there are headlines about the shooting of Jayland Walker 60 times.
Police = 60
Order = 60

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