Bologna, Italy announces the rollout of social credit system, April 24, 2022 news

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This news first broke on the 114th day of the year, April 24, 2022.

Notice the Society of Jesus encoding of the town that has made this announcement.
Society of Jesus = 191 / 79 / 56
Bologna, Italy = 191
Social Credit Score = 79
Social Credits = 56

Bologna’s main tourist attraction is the “Two Towers.”

Notice the town is 54 square miles.
Jesuit Order = 54

And notice what Google says the elevation is.
The Jesuit Order = 177


  1. Joshua Krantz on May 1, 2022 at 6:58 pm

    Smart Citizen Wallet = 2013 in Jewish Cipher. Interesting because Pope Francis began his reign of the Vatican and the papal states in 2013.
    Corriere di Bologna = 1009 in Fibonacci Cipher the 169th prime, which 169 has a square root of 13. It also equates to 222 in Francis Bacon Cipher.
    Massimo Bugani = 449, the 87th Prime and in Fibonacci Cipher 977, the 165th Prime.
    Undesirable Conduct = 1776 In Reverse Sumerian
    Digital Agenda = 94, 58, 257, 77 —- 257 the 55th Prime, which then becomes the 10th Fibonacci Number and Triangular Number. Which connects to the year in which Pope Paul III approved Ignatius’ outline for the Society of Jesus 1540. 1540 the 55th Triangular Number. 94 connects to Bill Gates and 58 connects to Freemasonry
    Basilica di San Petronio = 863 In English Extended the 150th Prime and 673 in Jewish Cipher, the 122nd Prime

  2. Joshua Krantz on May 1, 2022 at 9:13 pm

    This comment is in regards to the CNN article on Hope Solo:
    Hope Amelia Solo = 146, 65, 232, 70. 102 in base eight is 146 and 146 in base eight is 222.
    The phrase she is quoted with in the CNN article, “I have contacted the Hall of Fame and respectfully requested a postponement of my Hall of Fame induction Ceremony to 2023.” = 1097, 449, 1536, 492. 1097 the 184th prime and 449 the 87th prime. Also seeing the number 1536 made me think of the year, and the happenings of it in regards to the Jesuit Order. 1536 10/14 In Paris St. Ignatius received his diploma, at age 44, as Master of Arts and Sacred Theology.
    Solo has interesting numbers as well. Base ciphers it equals 61, 16, 47, 20 and in Satanic/Reverse Satanic it equals 201 & 187
    Hope = 44, 26, 64, 10. 44 being the key number correlating to Ignatius’ age when accredited with his Master of Arts & Sacred Theology.

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