Brayden Smith, Jeopardy contestant, dead at 24, 89 days after Alex Trebek’s passing, and right before Super Bowl 55

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It’s not hard to see why they saved the news of this young man’s death for February 12, or 12/2, like 122. *Jeopardy = 122

Satanic = 122 *National Football League = 122
Jeopardy = 41 *Super Bowl = 41

He died on February 5, or 2/5, like 25, the day a number of celebrities died in connection to the Super Bowl in ‘Tampa Bay’, and recall, Alex Trebek’s death was perfectly synced with the NFL season. Also, don’t overlook that he was a 5 time champion, and died on the 5th, two days before Brady won his 5th Super Bowl MVP.

The surname ‘Trebek’ is also 25, and he died on November 8, 2020.

The square root of 25 is 5, and 5 is the number in this ritual, right before Super Bowl 55, again, in Tampa Bay.

Furthermore, Alex Trebek died at age 80, and let’s go over the ‘Satan’ facts.

Brady won Super Bowl 55, in his 10th Super Bowl, staying on 80 career losses, and while picking up his 149th career home win, the 35th prime number. Keep in mind ‘Tom Brady’ equates to 35, and he came into Super Bowl 55 with 80 career postseason touchdowns.

And also keep in mind this Super Bowl was LV, and this young man died in LV, or Las Vegas. Furthermore, from his last aired episode, January 6, to his death, was 30 days later. *Tampa = 30 *Smith = 30

From the first episode, December 15, to the death, was a span of 53 days.

Vesica Piscis = 53 (Shape of the football)

Keep in mind Alex Trebek died on the day leaving 53 days in the year.

You could also say it was 52 days later, and he died on 2/5 or 5/2. Of course the worth ‘death’ equates to 25 and 52.

As for why he was chosen, look no further than his name gematria, connecting to ‘Super Bowl’.

From his birthday to his death was his 153rd day of his age.

Jesuit Order = 153 (17th tri. number) *Kill = 17

Read about Alex Trebek’s death here on November 8, 2020. This young man died 89 days later, the 24th prime, at age 24.

Trebek died on 11/8 *Death = 118 *Homicide = 118

And don’t forget Alex Trebek’s real first name was ‘George’, equating to 24.

And don’t forget the Steelers won with 24 points on the day of George’s death

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  1. Fernando J. Gonzlez G. on February 13, 2021 at 1:09 pm

    «Sacrificium: Something made sacred or given to a deity, sacrifice.» (
    [sacrificium] = 57 – 186 = [Brayden Smith]

    Dies «unexpectedly»…
    [unexpectedly] = 170 = [assassinate] = [sacrifice]
    [unexpectedly] = 154 = [targeted killing]

    It had a height of 165 cm (in feet inches 5′ 5″) (
    [unexpectedly] = 55

    His full name was Brayden Andrew Smith. The closest eclipse will be a total lunar eclipse, on May 26 of this year. And according to gematria, I think his death is (also) synchronized with this next astronomical event…
    [Brayden] = 69 – 33 – 120 – 39 = [eclipse]
    [Brayden Andrew Smith] = 203 – 68/86 – 103 = [total lunar eclipse]
    [Brayden] = 69 – 120 – 39 = [pet lamb]

    Also, from the day of his death to the day of the eclipse are 3 months and 3 weeks, that is, 33 = [Brayden]; or 15 weeks and 5 days, that is, 155 = (1) 55 = [unexpectedly]

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