Brendan Malone, former NBA coach and father of Michael Malone, dead at 81, October 10, 2023

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Dead at 81? Tomorrow leaves 81 days in the year. *Ritual = 81 & 81

And we all know who scored 81 in their career high, and had a premature death connected to Moses Malone’s premature death. *Kobe Bean Bryant = 81

Of course it goes with Michael Malone, his son, winning the NBA Finals this past year on George H.W. Bush’s birthday. H.W. was #41, and the 41st pick, Nikola Jokic, won the NBA Finals on June 12, 2023, outscoring Miami by 41 points for the series.
Skull and Bones = 41 (Order 322)

Yesterday, Yale turned 322 years old (home of Skull and Bones).

Keep in mind Yale creates 15 new members each year, and this man died 120 days after the NBA Finals concluded, where 120 is the 15th triangular number. You could also say his death came a span of 121 days from the NBA Finals conclusion. *Blood Sacrifice = 121

And making this all the more obvious, he died one day after the NBA preseason began.

Notice he died 172 days after his birthday *Ad maiorem Dei gloriam = 172

You could also say he died on his 173rd day of his age. *Knights Templar = 173 & 41

He also died 25 days after his son’s 52nd birthday. *Death = 25 *Kabbalah = 52

Michael Malone is Jesuit educated as well. He went to Loyola. It goes with his father dying on the day leaving 82 days in the year, a symbolic number to the NBA with its 82 game season.
Loyola = 82
Game = 82
*Bryant = 82

He is dead 193 weeks after Kobe *Roman Catholic Church = 193 (44th prime)

Today also has 27 date numerology. Ritual = 27

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