Casinos flood on Las Vegas Strip, July 28, 2022

Climate Change / Environment Flood Weather

The Las Vegas Strip = 201
Weather Control = 201

The flooding came July 28, 2022, 74-days after the Las Vegas establishment anniversary.
Flash Flooding = 74

It comes 9-days after the July 19 Hoover Dam transformer explosion. And if anything more severe happened to that dam, it would result in a big flood of Las Vegas.

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  1. zinwald on July 29, 2022 at 2:38 pm

    Just realized a bit about The Weeknd song Blinding Lights..
    Blinding Lights = 232/79
    Las Vegas Power Outage = 232/79/101
    Sin City’s Flooding = 232/88

    It has the following lyrics:
    Sin City’s Cold and Empty = 88
    The City’s Cold and Empty = 88/101

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