Big Tech Censorship Coronavirus Pharmaceutical Tyranny

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On April 15, 2021, in a time where the world is controlled by big tech, we are sinking as a people faster than the Titanic.

Notice they struck me for two videos today, but only one strike counted. Still, that is two less videos on YouTube.

Coronavirus Corporate Federal Government News Pharmaceutical Tyranny
Clot = 58 *4/13/2021 = 4+13+20+21 = 58

The Johnson and Johnson Vaccine was approved February 27, 2021, and now it is being recommended it is paused on April 13, 2021, the 46th day of being in use.

And recall, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine was approved on the 353rd day of the pandemic, the 71st prime number. And notice how ‘Catholic’ and ‘blood clot’ overlap. Again, it is the Jesuit Order, who serve the Catholic Church, behind every inch of the agenda.

Today April 13 is the 103rd day of the year, and can be written 13/4, like 134.

The Jesuits = 134

Read more about the February 27, 2021 Johnson & Johnson FDA approval by the numbers here.

Coronavirus Government News Pharmaceutical Tyranny Uncategorized

Gavin Newsom makes this announcement 70 days before June 15, 2021.

Gavin Newsom = 56 *Society of Jesus = 56
6/15/21 = 6+15+21 = 42 *Jesuit = 42

Recall, Gavin Newsom shutdown California, saying 56% of California would get coronavirus in 56 days (8 weeks).

The other thing that stands out is June 15 leaves 199 days in the year, the 46th prime, and this news comes on April 6, or 4/6, like 46.

Virus = 46, Chaos = 46, Ordo Ab Chao = 46 *Catholic = 46

This news also comes 187 days before Newsom’s 54th birthday. *Jesuit Order = 54

Speaking of 56, today comes a span of 56 weeks since the pandemic was declared, March 11, 2020.

Coronavirus News Pharmaceutical Tyranny Sports

This signals to me that in the near future we will be hearing the discussion about athletes being required to receive the Covid-19 vaccines. That is because both ‘Mets’ and ‘Nationals’ have the 57 connection, and this news comes on 4/2, like 42, both being numbers connecting to ‘vaccine’.

Keep in mind the Mets are the most 57 team in the league.

And don’t forget the Nationals huge 57 ritual in defeating the Astros in the 2019 World Series, and giving them their 57th postseason loss all-time in Game 7. *World Series = 57

Also, in light of this being a game in D.C., let us not forget this entire thing is a federal agenda.

Washington D.C. = 56
Society of Jesus = 56
Covid Vaccine = 56

Coronavirus News Pharmaceutical Tyranny

This news comes April 2, a date that can be written 4/2, or 2/4, like 42 and 24.

Today is the 92nd day of the year. *Covid-19 = 92

Keep in mind the CDC is a PRIVATE and FOR PROFIT entity, yet they are dictating to we the people and they are being baked by BIG GOVERNMENT, BIG TECH and BIG MEDIA.

As for the vaccine headline related to Easter, remember, the beast rules for 42 months in Revelation.

Vaccination = 666
Vaccine = 42

Coronavirus Corporate Federal Government News Pharmaceutical Tyranny

Impending doom, eh?

Notice how Rochelle Walensky equates to 71, the same as CDC, and reminding us that the CDC was established on July 1, 1946, emphasis on 7/1, like 71.

The Society of Jesus = 71

Catholic = 71 / 46

From a woman, you get an “emotional warning.”

That’s what they want, people to be emotional, not thinking.

Keep in mind she attended Johns Hopkins, the Skull and Bones created university.

Coronavirus Pharmaceutical Tyranny Predictive Programming

Notice that Exercise Cygnus took place October 18-20, 2016, meaning it began three years to the day of Event 201, October 18, 2018. Furthermore, notice the gematria of the event, equating to 201, 177 and 69, the same as ‘The Jesuit Order’, who is behind the coronavirus pandemic.

Read more about the constellation Cygnus.

Credit to Bryson & Ben.