Chernobyl disconnected from power grid, March 9, 2022, the 68th day of the year

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This news comes March 9, 2022, the 68th day of the year.

Recall, the Russians took Chernobyl on February 24, 2022, a date with 68 numerology.
2/24/2022 = 2+24+20+22 = 68

Today is also the 79-year anniversary of the beginning of the development of the first nuclear energy site, Hanford, in Washington state, which began March 9, 1943.
Nuclear = 43
Ukraine = 79

Funny enough, the power company that issued the reported is ‘Energoatom.’

Notice the overlap with ‘Washington.’

Read my post from yesterday, speculating on a headline such as this today.

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