CNN mocks America with story of fentanyl killing 64,000, November 17, 2021

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M is the 13th letter. In numerology, 13 is 4. So the pills shown are 4 and 4, or 44, and today, November 17, leaves 44 days in the year.
Medicine = 44
Kill = 44

And on the same page, you have the death of Young Dolph at 36 in Memphis, the city that gave us “3-6 Mafia,” where today is its founder’s birthday, Lord Infamous, who died in history on his 44th day of his age, after his group’s song was released, “44 Killers.”
Shooting = 44

As for killing 64,000…
Kill = 44 / 64

And remember, Fentanyl was approved for medical use in the U.S.A. in 1968. Of course, caskets go 6′ deep and are 8′ long, and ’68 was a deadly year, just ask MLK who got smoked on 4/4.

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