CNN reports on new CIA assessment of Benjamin Netanyahu, Friday, June 7, 2024

Federal Freemasonry Government History Jesuit Jewish Related Secret Societies War World War

This news comes June 7, or 7/6, days after Israel’s 76th birthday, and the report comes from the United States, established in 1776, just weeks after the Illuminati’s establishment.

Today is exactly 33 weeks into Netanyahu’s age, 74 (it’s another 33 & 74).
Masonry=33, Order=33, Secrecy=33, *Federal=33
Masonic=74, Jewish=74, Occult=74, Gematria=74, English=74

…and the rest of the long 33 & 74 lists…

The 231 days also matter. *Ignatius of Loyola=231 & 201 *State of Israel=201

Today is a span of 137 to his upcoming birthday. *Washington DC=137 (33rd prime)

The report came 140 days before his upcoming birthday. *Washington=140

And how about the post time by the Times of Israel? 4:44?

Anything 74 in Gematria is 444 in Sumerian Gematria (the x6 cipher).
Jewish=444 *Killing=444 *Occult=444 *Gematria=444 *English=444

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