Coban Porter, brother of Nuggets Michael Porter Jr., was sentenced to prison on April 19, 2024

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This sentencing came on April 19, 2024, Ignatius of Loyola Day, and the coach of the Nuggets is Jesuit educated and lost his father in a Jesuit ritual this past offseason, after winning the NBA Finals. Notice, this woman was 42 that was killed *Jesuit=42

The Nuggets are about to face the Lakers and LeBron. *Lakers=42 *LeBron James=42

This sentencing was one day before the NBA Playoffs began.

Michael Porter Jr. went to Father Augustine Tolton Regional Catholic High School.
Father Augustine Tolton Regional Catholic High School=247
-The USA and the Illuminati are 247 at the moment
-The school is in Missouri where the Chiefs won the Super Bowl
-That Super Bowl was on the 42nd day of the year and the Chiefs became 4-2 in big game

And this sentencing came 192 days after the death of Mike Malone’s father. It goes with what I said about Skull and Bones in his father’s death, and that fraternity being 192 years old right now.

Keep in mind Michael Porter Jr.’s Nuggets will be going for their 99th NBA Playoff win on the anniversary of ’99 Columbine shooting, not far from Denver. *Columbine High School=99

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