COVID-19, the new name for Coronavirus, and Kobe Bryant, February 13, 2020 news

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Remember, COVID-19 became the new name for Coronavirus, February 13, or 2/13, like LA, the land of Kobe Bryant, is home to the (213) area code, and Kobe is now supposedly buried in Corona Del Mar.  The mockery.

Shout out to new up and coming channel Whiteboard Gematria who made the Covid-Kobe-Hebrew connection:

Don’t forget Kobe died on on the 26th day of the year, the anniversary of Bear Bryant. Also, his name, Kobe, breaks down to ‘God’ ‘door’.

Of course, ‘God’, ‘Sun God’, and the four letter name of God, ‘YHWH’, each sum to 26 as well.

The four letter name of God is the ‘Tetrgrammaton’.

*Tetragrammaton = 58 *Kobe Bryant = 58

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