Cyber Polygon, World Economic Forum’s July 8, 2020 cyber-hacking simulation that takes down the power grid, in relation to Event 201, the coronavirus outbreak simulation

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*Cyber Polygon = 157 *United States = 157

Read about Public Enemy’s new album about the grid going down and Janet Napolitano’s warning in 2013:

Read more here on Chuck D’s importance in the ritual:

This took place July 8, 2020, a date that can be written 7/8, like 78.

*World Economic Forum = 222 *Order Out of Chaos = 222

*Wuhan Coronavirus = 222

And notice how Klaus Schwab fits in.

Remember, the Catholic Church invented the word ‘propaganda’.

Remember, Event 201 was the name of the World Economic Forum’s coronavirus pandemic simulation that took place October 18, 2019, the same day the Military World Games began in Wuhan, China.

Making no mistake about these two things, from October 18, 2019, to July 8, 2020, was 264 days later.

Of course, 201 and 264 connect to the founder of the Jesuits, Saint Ignatius of Loyola.

A power outage that is more devastating than coronavirus is part of the simulation, explain by Klaus Schwab, the face of the World Economic Forum.

Keep in mind this simulation was conducted July 8, 2020, 191 days before January 15, 2021, or 15/1, like 151.

And don’t forget the first case of coronavirus outside of mainland China occurred in Seattle, Washington, on January 15, or 15/1, like 151. And all of this is tying in with the ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ of Agenda 21, that are to be in place by the start of 2021…

Speaking of which, the July 8 simulation was on his 101st day of his age…

*101, 26th prime *Cyber = 26 *Virus = 26

And don’t forget Pope Francis wrote a letter to Klaus Schwab, January 12, 2018, a curious date. One of the reasons why is it was a span of 78 days from Schwab’s birthday. Another is that it was 26 days after the Pope’s birthday. *Papacy = 26 *God = 26 *Letter = 26

Read more about how Pope Francis fits in:

And for the record, this simulation, July 8, was 119 days after the pandemic was declared, March 11, 2020.


  1. Jason on November 21, 2020 at 4:00 pm

    The date on that letter from the pope

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