Deborah Tavares warns of coming use of “hydrogel” in coronavirus vaccination agenda

Coronavirus Science

1894? ’94???

Deborah Tavares is stating that part of the coronavirus agenda, is to create the opening through medical requirements, for us to be subjected to hydrogel, something that once it enters your body, slowly dehydrates you, until the point of death. I’m not saying this is true, but it is worth looking into, and the 94 gematria of ‘hydrogel’ made me raise an eyebrow.

Remember, Bill Gates, Mr. Depopulate the World, had a big year in 1994, and it has been a big number with him overall.

Married January 1st, 1994

His mother died June 10th, 1994

On the 94th day of his age, January 29, 2010, he announced the ‘Decade of Vaccines’, in a huge number ritual, in Davos, Switzerland.

Plus more…

Here is Deborah’s Website:

Watch her latest interview with Chris at Forbidden Knowledge News, who I have done a few shows with as well.

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