Democrats have key meeting about Joe Biden’s future, Tuesday, July 9, 2024

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Zelensky is in DC a span of 201 days from his upcoming birthday, January 25, 2025 (The Jesuit Order=201 *Order of Illuminati=201)

Today is 119 days (17 weeks) before the November 5, 2024 election.

Again, the winner takes office with the 119th Congress in January of 2025.

It goes with Trump being 78, and there being 78 Tarot Cards in the deck (Tarot Cards=119 *Donald=119).

Trump was called President elect on November 9, 2016, emphasis on 11/9.

He was on 248 electoral votes at the time he was called the winner (President Donald Trum=248).

The winner takes office when the United States is 248 years old (January 20, 2025).

*Trump’s mugshot from August 24, or 24/8 (in Atlanta), also factors in, along with what they did on the Illuminati’s 248th birthday in the New Your v. Trump case, May 1, 2024.
Manhattan Criminal Court=248

And notice, yet again they bring up ‘Lord Almighty,’ in regards to what Joe Biden said on TV last Friday.
President Biden=144, Jesuit Order=144 *Kennedy Curse=144 & 63
JFK in ’63

Obama turns 63 on August 4, 2024, and was born the year JFK took office, ’61.

The 144 is part of a very long pattern, going with Biden meeting with the Pope on Trump’s birthday, June 14, 2024, 144 days before the election, on November 5, Guy Fawkes Day (Jesuit).

Also, today has 60 date numerology (Order=60), in light of the upcoming 60th US Presidential Election, possibly to be as fateful as 1860 & 1960 (Lincoln & Kennedy).

Also, today is 7/9. *Society of Jesus=79 *Murder=79 *Lincoln=79

Today is also the 191st day of the year *Society of Jesus=191

Read about the deaths of Beau Biden & John Havlicek + 191 here & here.

Update: CNN is communicating that the meeting looks good for Biden, we will see shortly.

Today is 25 days after Trump’s birthday. *Trump=25 *Biden=25

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