The death of John Havlicek April 25, 2019, the day Joe “Celtic” Biden’s presidential campaign was declared, in light of the Celtics 2022 NBA Finals appearance

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Recall, #17 for the Boston Celtics, John Havlicek, died April 25, 2019, 17-days after his 79th birthday.
Celtics on 17 championships @ time of death
NBA = 14+2+1 = 17
-He played at Ohio State in college (17th state)

Society of Jesus = 191 / 79 *John Joseph Havlicek = 191
John Havlicek = 118 *Celtics = 118

Funny enough, April 25, 2019 was the date Joe “Celtic” Biden declared he was running for President.

Read about the 17 minute speech by Biden for gun control on the day the Celtics won Game 1 of the NBA Finals with a 17-0 run late in the fourth quarter, picking up their 17th all-time win vs. the Warriors in the Playoffs, on the 153rd day of the year, the 17th triangular number.
DC is known as the ‘Masonic City’
Modern Freemasonry established in 1717
*Mason = 17

Also, when Havlicek died, it was 156-days after Joe Biden’s birthday.

In light of Havlicek being 79 when he died, keep in mind Biden is 79 at the time of the Celtics being in the NBA Finals in 2022, appearing in their 22nd championship.
79, 22nd prime

Read my original post on John Havlicek’s death here.

Read about the death of Beau Biden at 46, 191-days after Joe Biden’s birthday here.

And don’t forget JFK, the first Catholic President, was killed at age 46, and the Celtics advanced to the NBA Finals this year on his birthday, May 29, the day Biden was in Texas to talk about gun control.

Also, when Biden announced, and Havlicek died, it was a ‘Thursday,’ the day of the week named after Jupiter, and Havlicek died in Jupiter, Florida. Of course that is the planet the Catholic Church venerates (St. Peter — Jupiter…), and ‘Thursday’ has Gematria of 35 and 46, the same as ‘Catholic,’ reminding that JFK was #35, killed at age 46, and Joe Biden was elected as #46, 46-weeks after the Pope’s birthday, and inaugurated on the Pope’s 35th day of his age.
Thursday = 35 / 46
Catholic = 35 / 46

And FYI, this is the front page of CNN as I post this. #WakeUp


  1. VikingMac on June 16, 2022 at 2:07 am

    On IG, Steph Curry did a random generator game which shows his TOP 5 ALL-TIME STARTERS.

    The last player selected is JOHN HAVLICEK, see below

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