Democrats see Elizabeth Warren as rising VP contender, May 24, 2020 news

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It’s important that this article is written on the 145th day of the year, in regards to the upcoming election of potentially the 46th president.

Joe Biden is a good Catholic boy, who lost his son at age 46, kind of like how JFK, the only Catholic President to date, died at age 46.

If you read the article, it focuses much on how coronavirus has made Elizabeth Warren’s mission of ‘medicare for all’ a real possibly, and that is why she might be the right choice for Biden at this moment.  Notice how her birthday syncs up with today’s article, and her running with Biden.

This news comes 337-days after her 70th birthday.  *337, 68th prime

It comes 29-days before her 71st birthday.  *71, 20th prime (2020)

Read about 29 in regards to the death of Joe Biden’s wife and daughter, right after becoming Senator elect:

Read about the death of Elizabeth Warren’s brother on Queen Elizabeth’s birthday:

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