Detroit Tigers first base coach and former outfielder, Kimera Bartee, dies unexpectedly, December 20, 2021, during Saturnalia

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Notice this unexpected death came during the time of Saturnalia.

As we know, Saturnalia is very much connected to the number 93, and in this case, Kimera Baree was drafted to Major League Baseball in ’93 by the ‘Orioles’, and made his debut on April 3, the 93rd day of the year.
Saturn = 93
Orioles = 93

Kimera Bartee = 54 / 108
Major League = 54 / 108

-The best view of Saturn from earth occurs every 54-weeks

Also noteworthy, he died 152-days after his birthday, and we are nearing the end of the 152nd college football season. Of course, he played in Michigan. Michigan = 152

Remember, Tom Brady defeated Alabama with Michigan in the Orange Bowl, in his last college game, on his 152nd day of his age.

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