Did Adolf Hitler sketch illustrations in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?

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Read about Adolf Hitler and 201 here.

Read about Walt Disney and 201 here.

Of course, ‘201’ is the number of the Jesuit Order.

This news was made on February 21, 2008, or 2/21.
The Bavarian Illuminati = 221
-Founded by a Jesuit


Funny enough, Snow White released in ’38, and runs 83 minutes long.
Germany = 38 / 83

Walt Disney = 42
February = 42
Jesuit = 42

Think of the many race rituals with February and 42. “Snow White.”

Think about Adolf Hitler’s aryan society.

Snow White released 75-days before Adolf Hitler’s April 20 birthday.
DeMolay = 75
Catholic Church = 75
New World Order = 75

Walt Disney was in DeMolay.

It was also a span of 76-days.
Disney = 76
-Illuminati founded in 1776

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