DMX’s daughter steals show at father’s memorial & Nas is first guest speaker, April 24, 2021

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Read about the memorial on April 24, 2021 here.

DMX daughter will go down as the highlight of the show. And I’d increased the percentage to 99% from the comment above, and to the right.

And shortly after that, Nas came out in fatigues, and talked about Belly and meeting DMX at the beginning of his fame.

Of the two, he lives on, at age 47. Today is 222 days after Nas’ September 14, 2020 birthday.

And Nas was the first guest speaker, even before the Ruff Ryders.

DMX reportedly OD’s April 2, 2021, Nas’ 201st day of his age, and the news broke April 3, 201 days after Nas’ birthday.

And again, at the end of Belly, DMX joins the Church.

Three = 56 / 79 (This memorial is three weeks after the April 3 news of DMX being in a coma)

And think about how they have used Nas in Jesus rituals before, which this entire memorial was. All the music was directed to praising Jesus.

Remember, the DMX news came the weekend of Easter, with the OD taking place late on Good Friday.

Also, let it be known that Drag-on spoke the most honest words at the memorial.

They were also sure to show this moment at the beginning and the end of the memorial.

Sling Shot = 42
Simmons = 42
4/2 OD date

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