Dora the Explorer’s end on August 9, 2019, four years before Hurricane Dora & Maui’s destruction

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Chris Gifford = 77 *Dora the Explorer = 77 *United States = 77

Dora the Explorer concluded on August 9, 2019? That was four years before August 9, 2023, the day Maui’s fire took over the news, a fire that happened the day prior, four days after #44’s birthday, who is from Hawaii.
Maui = 44
Kill = 44
Polynesia = 44 (Maui is Polynesian fire god)
Military = 44
4, number of death

And recall the overlap with

The creator, Chris Gifford just turned 64, like how Hawaii turns 64 on August 21.

Recall, the Jay-Z Hawaiian Sophie song came out on the Rock’s 17th birthday.

And think of Hurricane Dora in 1964.

Adding insult to injury, it is 97 days after the creator’s birthday.

Death = 97

Read about the Jay-Z and Kanye connection to Maui through 97.

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