Dow falls more than 1,500 points due to coronavirus uncertainty, June 11, 2020 & Moderna announces Phase 3 testing of coronavirus vaccine

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6/11/20 = 6+11+20 = 37 *Stock Market = 37

The market is controlled by a very small group of people.  You mean to tell me that all of a sudden, out of the blue, these ideas just caused the market to fall by 1,500 points?  These ideas have been with everyone since this pandemic started and the government told everyone to stay home.

We’ll see what happens tomorrow, it’s the last day the market is open before Trump’s 74th birthday, this weekend, June 14.

Today’s date also had 57 numerology, the ‘vaccine’ number, and what do you know, Moderna has announced their planned Phase 3 trial…

6/11/2020 = 6+11+20+20 = 57 *Vaccine = 57

This news comes on the 163rd day of 2020, the 38th prime.

*Moderna = 38

30,000? *Vaccine = 30

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