Drummer Joey Kramer will not participate in Aerosmith’s upcoming concert tour, March 25, 2022 news, the day of Taylor Hawkins death

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Notice, this news broke on March 25, 2022, the same day drummer Taylor Hawkins reportedly died.

The news came 277-days after Joey Kramer’s birthday, the 59th prime. As you know, Taylor Hawkins died precisely 59-weeks after the release of the band’s last album, Medicine at Midnight.

Keep in mind these stories broke on the 84th day of the year.
Jesuit = 84
-Jesuit Order = 54
-Aerosmith = 54

Of course, Aerosmith is from Boston, the very Catholic city, similar to how Dave Grohl, the founder of the Foo Fighters, is Catholic.


The news broke the day before Steven Tyler’s 74th birthday.

Steven Victor Tallarico = 263 (26/3 birthday) *263, 56th prime


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