Dwayne Johnson’s August 29, 2018 announcement to play ‘The King’ of Hawaii, Kamehameha

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August 29, 2018 is the day The Rock announced his role as The King, as in the king of Hawaii.

August 29 is the day of Katrina

The Rock played football for the Miami Hurricanes.

Kanye got famous because of his remarks after Katrina, in New Orleans, close to Miami.

And as covered, the Maui fires on August 8, 2023, four years and change since the Rock’s announcement, are connected to him and Kanye West as well as Barack Obama, who turned 62 on August 4, 2023. In the case of Kanye West, the fires happened on his 62nd day of his age and he shares Chicago with Obama, plus more. Also, Kanye has the 808s album recorded in Hawaii, the (808) area code, that came out the November of Obama’s election, from Chicago, like Kanye. That was in ’08.

Notice where King Kamehameha fits in.

Chicago = 46
Genesis 46
Torah = 62
Jay-Z = 62 (Hawaiian Sophie=62)
Sacrifice = 46 & 62

Genesis 46 is in the first book of the Torah, and is about ‘sacrifice.’

The name King ‘Kamehameha’ fits with the August 8 fire coming after the January 16 takeover of Hawaii by the United States, January 16, 1893.

Notice the span of 204 days, while The Rock is 51. *Kamahameha = 204 & 51

Jewish Mysticism = 201 & 204 *Jewish = 88 *Energy = 88 *Weapon = 88 (8/8/23 Maui)

*January 16 is also a key date, and it was 204 days before August 8 (as opposed to the span).

Keep in mind the fire in Maui occurred while The Rock is 51 (the Miami Hurricane).

He turns 52 on 5/2 *Flood = 52 *Earth = 52 *Hurricane = 52 (He was a Miami Hurricane)

Read about what happened to Jay-Z on The Rock’s 72nd birthday.

Notice the numbers for ‘Hawaii.’

The Rock, 51
Hawaii, 137 Islands (33rd prime)
111 dead is what the count has jumped up to
Kamehameha = 39 *Empire = 39 *New York = 111, 39 & 33 (The Pearl Harbors)

As for ‘The King,’ think about these numbers.

Lucifer = 74 / 38 / 115 / *43
Killing = 74 / 38 / 115
Murder = 34 / 38
Masonic = 74 / 115

In history, ‘The King’ died 74 years before the overthrow of Hawaii. He died May of 1819. The overthrow was December of 1893.
The King = 74

You know the 74s with the USA…
Independence Day = 74
Holiday = 74 (7/4)

741 is the 38th triangular number (known as the Lucifer number) and Washington DC is on the 38th Parallel. Think Michael Aquino (he connects the Church of Satan and the Pentagon)

Recall, Moana came out on the day leaving 38 days in the year, November 23, 2016.

And Maui flooded on March 8, or 3/8, before burning 29 months later. *Fire = 29 *Masonic = 29

From May 8, a date that is considered for his death, to the destruction of August 8, was a span of 93 days. August 9 was also bad for the Island, and that was 93 days after May 8. As we have discussed, the year of the overthrow was 1893, emphasis on ’93, and The Rock announced the Moana Live Action film coming in 2025 on the date April 3, 2023, the 93rd day of the year. Of course the ’93 goes with Japan and what happened to Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6 and August 9, similar dates.

And as for the August 6 date in history, or 8/6, like 86. His other considered date, May 14, is 86 days before August 8. Furthermore, May 14 can be written 14/5, like 145, the August 8 leaves 145 days in the year, which is where the Sodom and Gomorrah part ties in.
Catholic = 145 (145 more chapters in Catholic OT)

Also noteworthy, from the announcement to the disaster was 1805 days later. Recall, the Governor talked about 185 people in the search, on the 185th day of his age, as he compared the scene in Lahaina to 9/11, or a war zone.

World Trade Center = 185 (Attacked 185 days after bin Laden’s birthday)
Mathematics = 185
Catholicism = 185
Templar = 85
-We invaded Afghanistan October 7, the day leaving 85 days in the year

And yes, Junior Seau, a Southern California (Hollywood-land) legend, did supposedly commit suicide on May 2, a heart breaker. *Heart = 52

And read about what happened to Jay-Z on The Rock’s 17th birthday here.

And think about the invasion on the 17th of the month.
Modern Freemasonry in 1717
USA in 1776, 59 years later
59, 17th prime
Mason = 17

Junior Seau was 43. *Masonic = 43 *Killing = 43 *Football = 43 *Yale = 43 *RIP = 43

And as for the Lupe Fiasco find, notice the 216 connection (2/16 date).

If you forgot the 216 piece with directed energy weapons, notice Lupe Fiasco, also with the Chicago connection, and the 2/16 birthday, put out the song ‘Lasers.’ Notice how it hits the 74 and the 8/8 date.

And notice how his name overlaps with military.

163, 38th prime
Maui = 44
Moana = 44
HAARP = 44

Read about Pepsi. Mountain Dew, 216 and where they connect with Maui and Directed Energy Weapons.

And notice where the 99 connects with The Rock who played Maui for Disney, and the Maui fire.

May 1, 1776 is 5/1/1776 = 5+1+17+76 = 99
The United States of America = 99
Thirteen = 99 (think about it)
-It was named that on September 9 (9/9)
-United States of America = 132
-It was named a span of 132 days from May 1, 1776 (the Illuminati’s birthday)
-Roman Catholic = 132
-Catholic Church = 132

Recall, the Committee of Thirteen caused the overthrow of Hawaii.

And Maui burned 13 days before its 64th birthday.

91 is the 13th triangular number and HAARP patent anniversary is August 11, 1987.
Lahaina = 44 (It’s destruction was front and center in the news on August 11)

For one last point, the qualifying winds for a hurricane are 74 MPH.

The history of The King also involves civil war, another big theme in America right now, through Trump. And again, he’s the man who said the calm before the storm, and he is Mr. 88. In fact, last year on August 8, was the Mar-A-Lago raid, one of many 88 rituals with the man.
Trump = 88

Trump also has the parallels to Grover Cleveland, who apologized for what happened in Hawaii in the overthrowing. Cleveland was the last split term president.

Remember when Trump made these remarks while with the military? The calm before the storm?


And there was this 54 tribute on Jeopardy too, May 4.

That was a span of 97 days *Hurricane = 97


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