Eric Spoelstra, Jesuit High School alumni, and his rigged NBA Finals win October 4, 2020

Jesuit Sports

Sunday, October 4, 2020, Eric Spoelstra picked up his 84th career win in the playoffs.

*Lakers = 21 *Sunday = 21 *Lakers fell to 2-1 in NBA Finals

In beating the Lakers, he made them 14-4 in the 2020 playoffs, and the first points scored were by Tyler Herro, who had his breakout game in the 144th game between the Heat and Celtics.

Notice Spoelstra went to Jesuit High School, in Beaverton, next to the Nike headquarters. Of course, Nike is a Jesuit enterprise.

Read about Pat Riley’s big Jesuit ritual from the Sunday before, September 27, 2020:

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